I was 13 years old when magic touched my pen and I wrote my first poem, “I hate Beansprouts and Squash.” It was published in Acorn magazine.  I went on to complete an M.A. in English literature while building a body of my own work including adult fiction, plays novels, short stories, poetry,screenplays, advertising copy and magazine articles.

But 4 years ago magic touched my heart and I  began my venture into Children’s and Young Adult Fiction.

Ancient Spells for a Modern World is an interactive activity book for all 12 and up offshoot of my young adult series Wheelie Zohn and the Kundalini Dragon. I thought to add magical spells in the book to help the characters on their journeys. But I soon discovered that wave of a magic wand and a couple of fancy words just won't cut it in the dark technological age that has befallen us.


A real spell takes time, energy, concentration and love, a real spell is something everyone can do because anyone can change the world.  A real spell does not use animals or animal parts and ... is Vegan.


Gone are the days that one must be either a witch or a warlock. So I created Witchlocks, half-witch half warlock.  You can request an invite to the Witchlock society and get a monthly membership. HERE.


And so I created a body of magical spell recipes. The BFF Spell, Karuna Love Potion Anti-Techie Tea, and many more. I wanted my audience to laugh and play and sing and bond and then COVID came and people needed to laugh and play and sing and bond and Ancient Spells for a Modern World landed just where it was needed most.


When everything is Uncertain anything is Possible (KH)

 Pet Peeves

1. Get this. On the back of a frozen Pizza box, it gives the calorie count as 350 kcal for each 1/5th piece. Question: How do you cut 1/5th of a pizza?

2. Customer service program called Zendesk. When you ask a question it returns and email that says,,“type above the line ####." Myquestion is this. Where is the friggin line?

3. Taking lettuce out of the plastic

Scandalous Facts

1.  I am currently banned from the Women's National Book because I called them out on what I believe are systemically racist policies.

2. I received a 65 in the LSAT (no matter what I do) and take it regularly to keep my mind sharp.

3. I lived in the supernatural city of New York and moved to the enchanted beaches of Florida with my husband artist Peter G. Pereira and a bewitching rescue dog named Pepito (who looks like Piglet from Winnie the Pooh.)


4. I am a photographer, sculptor, an animal rights activist and PETA member. 


5. I'll know I made it when I fill my house with foster children and adopt them all. 


6. My inner guru reminds me that; we are not here to race one another to the top but rather to keep one another from falling down.

Enter here. It is my wish that Ancient Spells for a Modern World will keep children and adults afloat during this difficult time.


Ready. Set. Go!