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Hear ye! Hear ye!

Kundalini Hand

Interactive laugh out loud fun for the entire family! The perfect Valentine's Day Gift has arrived. Ancient Spells for a Modern World is a hilarious bewitching activity book that will wipe those COVID blues away, written and designed by Karina Holosko and Widget the Kundalini Dragon born in Delray Beach!


Learn to conjure the mystical and magical Karuna Love Potion and spread healing love to those you love.  Gimme five!


Shhh, during the summer, you can find Widget hanging out on the Upper East Side in New York City, at the Carl Schurz Park and Logos Bookstore. He is an avid reader of Straus News.


Don't have an eye of newt? That's so old school. You can make these spells with ingredients found in your own home. Got a toothpick, a saucer, a gummy bear? You are good to go! A real spell is VEGAN.

Ancient Spells for a Modern World

When Everything is uncertain...Anything is possible!

Ancient Spells for a Modern World BOOK C
Buy the book on Amazon and visit the website for an awesome wizardly treat.
  • Brew a cup of magical Anti-Techie Tea. It will make you put down your devices.
  • Try the spellbinding Enchanted Good Deeds Spell and inspire others to do good deeds.
  • Attempt the secret and sacred Save the Animals Spell and save animals all over the world. (Level 10-very difficult)
Ancient Spells for a Modern World is more than just a book. It is an experience. On the website you can get a monthly membership to the Witchlock Society, try a free sample spell, visit the store and purchase a mystical one-of-a-kind Kundalini Wrist Wrap. And don't forget to take the Witchlock Oath for Good to add extra POW to your spells.

What do I need?

I need you to help me get the word out. Let kids and parents act goofy laugh out loud and create the best Valentine's Day memories EVER.

Most importantly, I need you to write an article about this wondrous encounter and use your connections to publish it either online or in print.

What can I offer?
Ahh, funny, you should ask.
I'll send you a book. For now, download a sample from Amazon. See if it turns your crank and let me know.
And if you like, I will send you my Kundalini Wrist Wrap that will protect you with healing and love selected exclusively by Supermodel Euphorbia.
Enjoy a teeny sample from a Love Potion Spell

Put a piece of tape on your head 4 inches long.

Leapfrog around the room and say the Magic Words.

Love you say, love you stay, love with me another day.

Bind the spell together by pinching your left nostril with your right hand. Jump up and down 3 times while blinking your eyes 5 times.

Got the idea? Curious? Don't be fooled. Spells can take an entire weekend sometimes two.

Email me at: Let me know what you need!

Origin Story

As told by author Karina Holosko

Writing is a lonely craft, COVID made it worse. I felt isolated and fearful. I told my buddy Widget the Kundalini Dragon  and he thought about it for a second and shouted, Eureka! I've got a great way to scare those COVID blues away and bring families and friends together.
And I asked, "what did you have in mind?"
So we came up with Ancient Spells for a Modern World.
A wave of a magic wand and a couple of fancy words just won't cut it in the dark technological age that has befallen us. A real spell takes time energy concentration and love. A real spell is something everyone can do because anyone can change the world. A real spell does not use animals or animals parts and is VEGAN.